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High fantasy brought me into art in the first place; now I am steadily moving away from shallow fantasy into more meaningful matters. My inspiration stems from other artists works, from books I've read, my own personal experiences, nature and underground music. Art is my vocation, my hobby and my job.
My goal is to mainly work on Aynbath and go on conventions for a living.

explanation of my alias:

The word Aerozophy is a neologism created from the word aero coming from the greek αήρ āēr which means “air” and the greek σοφία (sophia), meaning wisdom. The word itself is already the explanation of its indwelling spirit: The Wisdom of Air; which - contrary to your assumption - is not a philosophy but an accentuation of the fact that all living things are incontrovertible connected to each other by their breath and how this is an important symbol, a great analogy…

It could be called Atmosophy as well refering to the greek word for breath “atmo-” which is cognite with the German “Atem” and the Indo-European root *ēt-men. An interesting sidenote is, that the Sanskrit word Ātman, meaning soul or self is related to them.

why breath and ouroborus?

The cycle of breathing in and breathing out is the perfect analogy for the sinus graph of life, the taking and giving of life. Not for nothing is the lung the greatest surface of the human body.
Breaking through this cycle, as well as cutting yourself off the life-connecting element of air, leads to your destruction and death. And that should remind you of your all-connectedness!

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